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You want to translate your documents into French? You are on the good page.

Maéva Orsi, graduated and +8 years' experience as an English to French translator

If you need a English to French translation of your documents, don’t hesitate to contact me. You can send me an email to maeva.orsi[at] or call +33 6 80 96 75 73 (my working hours are 8am-6pm CET).

Translating into French

Translation should be considered as an investment and not a consumable. I offer more than just a word-by-word translation from one language into another. I’ll adapt your documents to the language and culture of the current French-speaking market. Investing in my expertise will bring quick and profitable results. Make the best choice, the right choice!

I provide technical and business translations from English and Italian into French. By confiding your translations to highly trained and experienced translators, you’ll have more time to concentrate on bringing your business the success it deserves. To guarantee your company’s competitive edge, have your websites, catalogues and technical documents translated only by professionals. Relax, I’ll take care of everything.

Each international development project requires its own translation style. Whether you’re a website or software developer, communications agency, or electronic gate manufacturer, I’ll roll up my sleeves and get fast to work so that your international customers will be able to trust in your company.

My services include a special Web offer. As a dedicated blogger, I would be thrilled to translate your WordPress blog or Etsy shop into French. I am also available to write high-quality, original French content to bring visitors directly to your site.

French translator: Who am I?

Based in Nice, France, my freelance company provides translation, editing and writing services for a variety of businesses.
My goal is to provide specialised, quality linguistic services for English to French assignments. No need to look any further! Place your trust in me, and let’s start building a cost-effective business relationship together.

  • Increase in natural referencing

    By creating effective natural referencing in your French contents, I'll improve your visibility and ranking on search engines.

  • Web content

    I remain up to date on all the latest trends so I can provide efficient text to entice visitors to your French blog.

  • Revision and correction in French

    I can read and revise your French documents to create a light and smooth style.

  • Specialised translations from English into French

    I can translate your texts from English and Italian into French.

My specialised fields included general and business IT, nutrition and wellness and sustainability trends. In addition to translation, I provide content for blogs and specialised articles on the Web. On a more personal note, I blog on minimalism and sustainability trends (wellness, ecology, and zero waste). As a Gen Yer, basing communication strategy on Web technology is innate in me.

What sets me apart?

  • A professional translator working to focus exclusively on your projects and priorities.
  • Use of intuitive online tools and the Cloud—simplifying and improving the flow of the translation process.
  • An expert in new technologies who is up to date on the latest IT trends and has the best tools at her fingertips.
  • A specialist trained in translation services eager to showcase your business.

Translation: an investment, not an expense

If you see translation as an investment, and not an expense, then we already speak the same language. Translation is more than just a word-by-word conversion of one language into another. A translation is perfect when the source language can neither be perceived nor sensed within the text. Potential clients who need you to speak their language will pass you by over the slightest error. As a serious business professional, automatic online translation tools are your worst enemy. Although it might be an easy convenient way to communicate via email about upcoming holiday overseas, your competitors who take translation and cultural marketing seriously will laugh themselves all the way to bank over any amateur shortcuts. Your image is at stake.